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In the vast tapestry of spirituality, the concept of angelic hierarchies has intrigued and inspired seekers throughout history. Understanding the various orders of angels provides a profound insight into the celestial realms and their roles in the cosmic dance. This blog post aims to unravel the intricate layers of angelic hierarchies, exploring traditional orders, major archangels, the Seven Archangels, the 72 Angels of God, and angels associated with elemental forces.

The Traditional Angelic Hierarchy

Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones

In the highest echelons of the celestial hierarchy, we encounter the radiant Seraphim, the wise Cherubim, and the majestic Thrones. These divine beings embody the essence of divine presence, knowledge, and justice, respectively.

Dominions, Virtues, and Powers

Descending to the middle order, we encounter Dominions overseeing lower choirs, Virtues bestowing grace, and Powers acting as celestial warriors against malevolent forces.

Principalities, Archangels, and Angels

The celestial hierarchy extends to Principalities governing nations, Archangels as divine messengers, and ordinary Angels serving as guardians for humanity.

The Major Archangels of The 4 Quarters

In some esoteric traditions, archangels are associated with the four elemental quarters (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water). Here are the qualities and associations of the archangels associated with each elemental quarter:

  1. Archangel Michael – Element of Fire (South):

    • Qualities:

      • Strength, courage, protection
      • Leadership and guidance
      • Purification and transformation
    • Associations:

      • Colors: Red, gold
      • Symbol: Sword
      • Astrological Sign: Leo
  2. Archangel Raphael – Element of Air (East):

    • Qualities:

      • Healing and health
      • Communication and intellectual pursuits
      • Guidance in spiritual journeys
    • Associations:

      • Colors: Yellow, light blue
      • Symbol: Caduceus (staff with entwined serpents)
      • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  3. Archangel Gabriel – Element of Water (West):

    • Qualities:

      • Divine communication
      • Intuition and psychic abilities
      • Guidance for artistic pursuits
    • Associations:

      • Colors: Blue, silver, white
      • Symbol: Trumpet, lily
      • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  4. Archangel Uriel – Element of Earth (North):

    • Qualities:

      • Stability and grounding
      • Wisdom and illumination
      • Prosperity and abundance
    • Associations:

      • Colors: Green, brown
      • Symbol: Open hand holding a flame
      • Astrological Sign: Virgo, Capricorn

These associations draw upon various esoteric traditions, and interpretations may vary across different traditions. Working with archangels associated with the elemental quarters is often done in rituals and practices aimed at invoking specific energies or seeking guidance in particular aspects of life. Especially in the Golden Dawn system of magick.

The Seven Archangels

Overview of the Seven Archangels

This section provides an overview of the concept of the Seven Archangels.

The association of archangels with the major planets is not universally agreed upon across all traditions, and different belief systems may have varying correspondences. However, the most commonly recognized systems associate archangels with the seven classical planets as follows:. The archangels and their corresponding planets are as follows:

  1. Michael – Archangel of the Sun

    • Symbolizes: Strength, courage, protection
    • Colors: Gold, yellow
  2. Gabriel – Archangel of the Moon

    • Symbolizes: Divine communication, intuition, guidance
    • Colors: Silver, white
  3. Raphael – Archangel of Mercury

    • Symbolizes: Healing, travel, intellectual pursuits
    • Colors: Yellow, light blue
  4. Uriel – Archangel of Venus

    • Symbolizes: Harmony, relationships, creativity
    • Colors: Green, pink
  5. Zadkiel – Archangel of Jupiter

    • Symbolizes: Wisdom, spiritual growth, forgiveness
    • Colors: Royal blue, purple
  6. Sachiel – Archangel of Jupiter

    • Symbolizes: Abundance, prosperity, benevolence
    • Colors: Royal blue, purple
  7. Cassiel – Archangel of Saturn

    • Symbolizes: Discipline, responsibility, transformation
    • Colors: Black, dark brown

Keep in mind that these correspondences may vary, and some traditions may assign different archangels to the planets. It’s always beneficial to explore and understand the specific beliefs and practices of the tradition you are working with.

The 72 Angels of God

The Shemhamphorash, also known as the 72-fold name of God, is a Kabbalistic concept that associates 72 angels with specific names derived from the Book of Exodus. Each angel is believed to govern a specific degree of the zodiac and has unique qualities or associations. Here is a list of the 72 angels and their main areas of influence or association:

  1. Vehuiah – Influences: New beginnings, leadership
  2. Jeliel – Influences: Healing, love, wisdom
  3. Sitael – Influences: Agriculture, fertility, abundance
  4. Elemiah – Influences: Artistic pursuits, creativity
  5. Mahasiah – Influences: Spiritual growth, truth
  6. Lelahel – Influences: Protection, healing, guidance
  7. Achaiah – Influences: Patience, inner peace
  8. Cahetel – Influences: Wisdom, understanding
  9. Haziel – Influences: Communication, diplomacy
  10. Aladiah – Influences: Justice, balance, harmony
  11. Lauviah – Influences: Enlightenment, spiritual awareness
  12. Hahaiah – Influences: Inner strength, courage
  13. Iezalel – Influences: Protection, health
  14. Mebahel – Influences: Generosity, charity
  15. Hariel – Influences: Creativity, inspiration
  16. Hakamiah – Influences: Healing, health
  17. Lauviah – Influences: Reconciliation, relationships
  18. Caliel – Influences: Liberation, freedom
  19. Leuviah – Influences: Protection, enlightenment
  20. Pahaliah – Influences: Compassion, healing
  21. Nelchael – Influences: Artistic expression, creativity
  22. Yeiayel – Influences: Inspiration, spiritual growth
  23. Melahel – Influences: Healing, protection
  24. Haheuiah – Influences: Justice, authority
  25. Nith-Haiah – Influences: Patience, tolerance
  26. Haaiah – Influences: Enlightenment, spiritual insight
  27. Jerathel – Influences: Generosity, benevolence
  28. Seheiah – Influences: Prosperity, abundance
  29. Reiyel – Influences: Inner strength, willpower
  30. Omael – Influences: Healing, compassion
  31. Lecabel – Influences: Protection, guidance
  32. Vasariah – Influences: Spiritual growth, divine connection
  33. Yehuiah – Influences: Protection, guidance
  34. Lehahiah – Influences: Creativity, inspiration
  35. Chavakiah – Influences: Spiritual insight, wisdom
  36. Menadel – Influences: Healing, harmony
  37. Aniel – Influences: Protection, guidance
  38. Haamiah – Influences: Enlightenment, divine connection
  39. Rehael – Influences: Healing, health
  40. Yeiazel – Influences: Inner strength, courage
  41. Hahahel – Influences: Protection, enlightenment
  42. Mikael – Influences: Reconciliation, peace
  43. Vehuel – Influences: Compassion, benevolence
  44. Daniel – Influences: Prosperity, abundance
  45. Hahasiah – Influences: Inner strength, willpower
  46. Imamiah – Influences: Healing, spiritual insight
  47. Nanael – Influences: Creativity, artistic expression
  48. Nithael – Influences: Liberation, freedom
  49. Mebahiah – Influences: Patience, tolerance
  50. Poyel – Influences: Protection, justice
  51. Nemamiah – Influences: Enlightenment, spiritual growth
  52. Yeyayel – Influences: Healing, health
  53. Harahel – Influences: Inner strength, courage
  54. Mitzrael – Influences: Protection, guidance
  55. Umabel – Influences: Spiritual growth, insight
  56. Iah-Hel – Influences: Creativity, artistic pursuits
  57. Anauel – Influences: Compassion, benevolence
  58. Mehiel – Influences: Prosperity, abundance
  59. Damabiah – Influences: Inner strength, willpower
  60. Manakel – Influences: Healing, health
  61. Eyael – Influences: Protection, justice
  62. Habuhiah – Influences: Enlightenment, spiritual insight
  63. Rochel – Influences: Liberation, freedom
  64. Jabamiah – Influences: Patience, tolerance
  65. Haiaiel – Influences: Reconciliation, relationships
  66. Mumiah – Influences: Healing, harmony
  67. Vehuiah – Influences: Enlightenment, divine connection
  68. Yeliel – Influences: Protection, guidance
  69. Sealiah – Influences: Spiritual growth, insight
  70. Ariel – Influences: Creativity, artistic expression
  71. Asaliah – Influences: Compassion, benevolence
  72. Mihael – Influences: Prosperity, abundance

These associations are based on interpretations of the Kabbalistic tradition, and beliefs may vary among different practitioners and traditions.


As we conclude this comprehensive guide to the hierarchy of angels, we’ve traversed the celestial realms, uncovering the mysteries of Seraphim, Archangels, and elemental forces. May this exploration inspire further connection with the celestial realms, guiding you on a spiritual journey filled with insight, protection, and enlightenment. The celestial hierarchy awaits those who dare to navigate its realms, offering a profound understanding of the intricate dance between the earthly and the divine.


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